Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spring Season 2015 - new and finished serieso

I’m struggling a bit for something to write about because I haven’t been too impressed with anything I’ve been watching lately, and am a little behind in getting into the series that started in April.  So this post will cover the series I just finished and the new ones I’m beginning.  First the finished series – which are all second seasons of previously watched series.

I watched season 2 of Kamisama Hajimemashite (Kamisama Kiss).  I expected to like this series since I liked the first season, and it didn’t disappoint me.  The really nice thing about the second season is that Nanami is no longer the totally helpless human god-wannabe.  She gains powers and strength and begins not only fending for herself but also looking after other people.  She still is a little quick to rush into things but overall does well.  The thing I didn’t like about this second season - Nanami’s and Tomoe’s relationship, which was going so well at the end of the first season, is relatively non-existent by the end of the second season.  That’s kind of unsatisfying.  But maybe they’re setting the stage for a third season.

And speaking of stage-setting, another returning series I watched was the second season or Durarara!  This season brought in all the old gang with Celty and her doctor lover, Masaomi, Ryuugamine, Anri, Shizuo and Izaya, and all the minor characters, and then introduced an enormous cast of new characters.  So basically the 13 episode season was entirely spent on introducing all the new people, involving them in the plot and positioning everyone for another new season.  At the end of this season, Izaya, who was the master-manipulator in the original series, discovers that he’s being manipulated himself.  That of course sets the stage for a continuation in another season.

I also watched the second seasons of Aldnoah Zero and Soukyou no Fafner, but I’ll save them for perhaps their own posts.

The new series I picked up in April include one second season and that’s Knights of Sidonia.  I really enjoyed the original series, so I’m also really enjoying the second season.  This is a short series, the first season being 12 episodes and the second only 11 episodes, but they manage to cover a lot of ground.   This is another one I’ll hold off posting much about, so I can do its own post later.

Another series I picked up in April is Owari no Seraph.  This is a vampire series so of course I’m enjoying it.  It occurs in a world where vampires have taken over much of the world and are raising humans for food.  Those humans who have escaped them and/or live outside their jurisdiction are fighting to destroy them as well as of course the vampires fighting to destroy any humans not docilely living as food.  Lots of elements of this series are a little predictable, like its two main characters and best friends ending up on opposite sides of the human-vampire war, due to one of them being changed into a vampire, but overall it’s fun to watch so I’ll keep watching it.   

And the last one I’ll write about today is Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront).  This series is set in a future world where monsters-aliens-demons co-exist with humans in a city within a barrier that they have co-opted, called Hellsalem’s Lot.   The monsters are policed as much as possible by a gang of super-human fighters called Libra.  The main character is a boy named Leonardo Watch, who comes to the city to join Libra.  He has eyes that are “All Seeing Eyes” allowing him to see things not visible to normal humans.  This is a kind of freaky, really out there series, that I’m watching because it’s fun, and because I haven’t figured out everything that’s going on yet.  I’m thinking there’s a bunch of back story, under-lying plot that will be revealed along the way.  So it’s keeping me entertained and interested so far.   Hopefully that will continue.

So that’s it for today.